Feed Supplements supplied in Isiolo

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The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) made a donation of feed supplements for animals in Isiolo County. This comes in light of the drought that has scourged parts of the country over the past two years.

FAO’s Country’s Deputy Director Beth Bechdor set off distribution for a consignment of 4200 bags of livestock feed. Six wards were  to receive the feed as they were heavily affected by the drought.

Bechdor believes the collaboration of the Government and different partners builds a strong defense against the challenges drought has brought.

“We understand the drought’s impact but the best approach we should take to cushion the population from the effects should include the cash transfers programs, technical training and the food supplements,” she said.

Additionally, she thanked the government for the timely response and working with experienced partners in the field to help locals.

One farmer feels that the food aid has saved many in the community as they were losing numerous animals to drought.

Furthermore, he added that livestock farmers can save their animals by feeding camels, goats and cattle the supplements.

The CAS for devolution Mr. Abdul Bahari shares the need for coordination of both the national and local county governments as they formulate strategies to combat future disasters.

Mr. Bahari urged counties in Northern Kenya to produce animal feeds locally to develop a self-sustainable system.


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